About ContractorRegistry.com

ContractorRegistry.com was born in 2005 and is one of the fastest growing online directories of professional local construction contractors in the USA.  With more than 140,000 contractors covering more than 70 services, completing your project is just a click away.  ContractorRegistry.com has undergone many changes since 2005.  In 2012 we moved to a new platform that allows contractors to better manage their online profiles, visits, messages, and much more.  In 2015 we introduced Elastic Search to all search features that allows you to more quickly find who and what you are looking for.  For 2016, we introduced the new iOS and Android app for phones and tablets.

Who Uses ContractorRegistry.com?

Contractor Registry is used by Residential and Commercial clients.


How do I List My Company and Join ContractorRegistry.com?

Featuring your company is fast and easy.  Visit the Join & Pricing Page located here

Who Should Join ContractorRegistry.com?

If your company serves the residential or commercial construction industry, you owe it to yourself to be part of the fastest growing online construction contractor directory in the USA.  Do you want homeowners and/or general contractors to contact you for projects?  If so, join Contractor Registry for free.


How Much is ContractorRegistry.com?

Joining is free.  Many of our contractors upgrade their package to the Silver, Gold, or Diamond package so that they are seen by more people and for added benefits.  For a full list of features available with each package and prices, see the Join Page located here.


Do I Have to Pay for Leads?

Unlike other websites, clients get to reach out to you directly without requiring them to create an account or pay a monthly fee.  Why should a client have to pay to find a professional contractor?


How do Clients Find My Company?

Homeowners, general contractors, and other clients from across the USA come to ContractorRegistry.com looking for professional contractors to complete their construction projects.  One of the many benefits of Contractor Registry is that our website is dynamic (optimized to resize cleanly for phones and tablets) and we have a new dedicated app with location based search making it easier than ever to find a local contractor for your project.


What You Get with Contractor Registry


180-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that your company will benefit from Contractor Registry that we include a 180-day money back guarantee.  If you decide Contractor Registry is not helping your company, ask for a refund.  Nothing to lose.

Advanced Company Listing

Your listing says a lot about your company and we give you all of the tools you need to look your best.  We integrate your social media accounts, deals, ratings, reviews, photos, videos, ClickToCall, locations, documents, and so much more into a powerful listing that is sure to grab the client's attention.

Ratings & Reviews Boost Credibility

Companies with positive reviews and ratings are much more likely to draw the attention of clients and homeowners which increase your chances of landing a new customer. Our raiting and review system makes it easy for past customers to rate your service.

Member's Dashboard

Most directory sites say that people will see your listing but we give you the stats to back up our claim.  From the member dashboard, you will know how many people saw your profile, clicked a link, rated your company, and inquired about your services.


Deals & Coupons

Everyone loves a deal and that is exactly why we give you the opportunity to add a Deal to your account.  It's a free feature that generates new customers that are on a budget and want the most bang for their buck.


Local & National Search

Time is important and we give visitors the information they need to quickly find local or national contractors that provide the construction service they need.  With GeoIP location, we are able to quickly default to the local search location which saves visitors time.


Search Engine Optimization

Countless hours have been sent ensuring that when you add your company to Contractor Registry that you are benefiting from search engine optimization.  Each page is carefully optimized to ensure that clients are able to quickly find you when they are looking for a professional contractor.


Event Calendar

Whether you are a supplier hosting an event, a homeowner looking for a home and garden show or a contractor checking out the upcoming trade shows, our events calendar is sure to provide you with the information you need.


Marketing Tips & Tricks

Our goal is to not only connect you with clients, but to help you establish your own marketing plan so that your business is not dependent on just a few options. Statistics show that more than 85% of all purchases start from an online search. This means that every business that wants to remain relevant in today’s market needs to have a way of advertising itself in an online portal.


Free Apps for the Phone and Tablet

Not only does your listing appear on our website, but it also shows on our Android and iOS app at no additional costs.  This is a great tool for busy contractors who need to find local subs and for homeowners on the go who need a project complete ASAP.


Image & Video Gallery

Text along isn't enough to describe your company.  That's why we give you the ability to upload videos, images, documents, and so much more.  Fully populated profiles naturally draw the attention of clients browsing the website.

Free Lead Generator

Some websites make it nearly impossible for the client to directly communicate with you.  Not us.  If a client is interested in your service, they can send a message directly to you along with their contact details - putting you in the driver's seat.

Member Only Badges

We know that you take honor in your membership on ContractorRegistry.com so we provide members with a member-only badge that can be displayed on your website, printed material, or any other promotional methods.


Social Media Plugins

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and clients crave this information and want to know what you are up to.  We integrate your social media accounts directly into your listing.

Multiple Locations

You do not need a different account for each city and location you serve.  Reach more clients by letting them know where you are located and willing to travel.

Free Backlink

Backlinks are a technical term that basically helps give credibility to your website and improve your website listings.  Your paid account comes with a free backlink that helps others find you when searching on Google or other search engines.

ContractorRegistry.com proudly accepts the following secure and convenient forms of payment.

Have questions? Contact us and we will be glad to help.