Travertine Flooring – Ancient to Modern

Travertine is usually called travertine marble and falls between the marble and limestone. It's created of calcium carbonate and is generally seen in the type of deposits near hot or warm springs. It's formed by dissolved limestone, combined with steam under pressure that was great. It supplies a number of different appearances by the usage of honing and tumbling and filling any deep fissures.

It was often used as a building material in ancient times. Because travertine is such a porous substance, it ought to be sealed before use in renovation or building projects.


Besides its apparent attractiveness, durability is among the components that lead individuals to select natural stone for house construction as well as home improvement jobs. Travertine stone flooring allows the removal of soil and debris deposited on the surface and is simple to wash. Travertine stone flooring readily resist the activity of solvents and cleaning products that are special and it is immune to the action of bases and acids.


The aesthetic quality of travertine makes this material utilized and an extremely necessary building material for indoor or outdoor floors and wall coverings, for floorings and for ornamentation. Travertine flooring can be found in various colours as well as finishes, from natural, neutral shades like creamy beige and white to tan and reddish brown. The colour depends on iron content and the impurities of the rock. Honed travertine flooring is not rough, but unlike polished, it's a matte finish. Polished travertine flooring is polished until glossy and smooth, but buffed.


High tech travertine rock creates fascinating and first atmosphere, which is practical, durable, and striking at all at the exact same time – one of the very frequently employed flagstones in modern buildings, and is often seen as flooring, wall cladding, and facade materials.

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