Beltwide Cotton Conferences 2018


The Beltwide Cotton Conferences speed the transfer of new technology to U.S. cotton producers and other industry members with the goal of strengthening U.S. cottons competitive position in the world marketplace and enhancing industry members profitability. Coordinated by the National Cotton Council (NCC) and its cooperating partners, this annual forum is recognized as the global champion for cotton technology transfer. Three days of individual reports, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and seminars are designed to enlighten industry members about the latest research developments and their practical applications in cotton production and processing. The reports are subsequently made available on CD-ROM and online. While cotton industry members recognize the wealth and range of information made available through these reports, they also gain valuable information from fellow attendees - processors, scientists, extension personnel, consultants, agribusiness representatives and others. This dialogue among all who have a vested stake in a healthy U.S. cotton sector helps industry members tailor new products and production/processing systems to their operations for maximum efficiency. The Conferences success can be attributed to the alliance of the NCC and its many partners. Federal and state agricultural experiment stations, Cooperative Extension Service, universities, USDA, Cotton Foundation members, news media and other regional and national cotton organizations all play an essential role in helping to increase U.S. cotton industry productivity.


National Cotton Council of America (NCC)


When Wed From January 3, 2018 to
January 5, 2018

10:00 am - 11:00 pm
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San Antonio Marriott Hotel

101 Bowie Street
United States